Houkago Cinderella – Prologue + Youka Route

Happy New Year.

VNDB: Houkago Cinderella

I started this project as part of my daily translation practice while I’m doing my master’s in translation at University. It’s my pet project for when I don’t want to actually study for class but feel guilty for not doing so. I started this project on the 13th of July 2021 and it took about three months to translate up to where I am now (~10,000 lines of dialogue). It took a further month of slacking before I found the time to finally reread the game to do a rough edit/tlc for Youka’s route for it to be readable. Besides having my friend edit parts of the prologue, everything else was written by me. Prior to this project, I had no experience in translation so every dialogue was a lesson for me. I did notice that as I kept translating, the quality of my writing did gradually get better, at least that’s what I’d like to think. However, it is far from the professional level that I’m aiming for after my graduation at the end of 2022.

At the current state, my translation does not do the game any justice. That’s partly because my translation is still lacking in fluidity (a lot of awkward phrases), but mainly because the way the game was designed to be played can’t be enjoyed with a partial translation. Houkago Cinderella is Rom-Com visual novel about going around town after school to discover interesting things or encounters. They can be anything from overhearing a conversation between random people on the street, and of course, the 5 girls in the game. You as the MC, are supposed to go around town and see all sorts of interesting scenes. As such, there are about 20 different scenes of about 100-200 lines each of listening to or interacting with strangers across town. This game focuses mainly on comedy with the MC acting as the comic relief. I’d say the game is similar to SMEE’s (HOOKSOFT’s parent company) FURERABA 〜Friend to Lover〜 in terms of gameplay and story writing. Not recommended for heavy drama lovers.


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