Houkago Cinderella – Tanomi Route

Happy (early) Easter.

VNDB: Houkago Cinderella

Hi internet, it’s been 4 months since I released Youka’s route and I am back with the next patch. Due to real life commitments (and the last H-scene taking 3 weeks to finish), this patch was delayed until today. But now it’s done so hurray! The next few paragraphs are mostly me reflecting on the process of translating this route. Nothing of importance is written here, I just wanted to document my journey.

I thoroughly enjoyed translating Tayori Tanomi’s route as she is exactly the type of girl a lot of boys would love to have as a girlfriend. She’s quirky, innocent, and does what you’d expect a teenage boy would do for fun. It’s a lot different compared to Youka’s route as Tanomi LOVES puns and word play. They are fun to translate but only IF I could think of a good translation that fits her playfulness. When I couldn’t think of an appropriate translation, it bugged me for days-on-end as I really want everyone reading her route to understand how great the writing is.

Even to this day, “e_tanomi_event02” still haunts me as it was the single most hardest file to translate (I still don’t know what “φ(phi)!?” is). The second most annoying thing to translate is Tanomi’s “おねがい”, or “favors/requests” that she asks from Kiyoshirou. I could not decide on one single translation of Onegai as, to me, request sounds unnatural, but favor is too one sided. I even used “plead” in one of the last files but that also felt off. Since I am aiming to become a professional translator, I really need to be careful about translating the same word a different way each time, especially when it’s crucial to the story.

The last time I did creative writing was over 10 years ago in middle school and it shows in my translations. While I have learned a lot through translating Tanomi’s route, it has become apparent to me that I still cannot make each character sound different from each other. What I mean by this is every character sounds pretty much the same after I translate the game into English. Especially with heroines, I do not feel like I have fully captured how they speak in Japanese over to English. Most of my translations are correct and make sense, but the added flair found in translations by more experienced translators is still lacking. Sadly, there is no one to blame but myself seeing as I have read no more than 10 novels in my life.

The most difficult part I found was narrations and tenses as I can never be sure if what I wrote can be fully understood by others. The H-Scenes are also still my worst nightmare. As someone who usually skips the H-scenes in eroge, I never imagined that it could be this hard to write erotica. I also have the tendency to use too many words in a sentence which becomes an issue as the game does not support more than 100-ish letters in the text box before overflowing. I started noticing this while watching the winter 2022 anime as the translations I think of in my brain are significantly more wordy than those in the subtitles. For now, I think I’ll start by watching a few videos on creative writing and cutting down sentences before I start on the next route.

6 thoughts on “Houkago Cinderella – Tanomi Route

  1. surprised to see that no one is leaving you a comment here, guess your discord is more active?

    anyway, keep up with the excellent work


    1. This site doesn’t get much traffic as I haven’t posted this project to any other site besides VNDB. I prefer to spread this project through word of mouth rather than go full advertising. That might also be the reason why we haven’t found a suitable editor yet…


  2. “While I have learned a lot through translating Tanomi’s route, it has become apparent to me that I still cannot make each character sound different from each other. What I mean by this is every character sounds pretty much the same after I translate the game into English.”

    Isn’t that kind of inevitable? For example, while there are lots of first person pronouns in Japanese like “watashi”, “atashi”, “ore”, “boku” and many others, English only has “I” as first person pronoun. So you have no choice but to translate all these as “I”. That’s normal and that’s how it should be. Don’t worry. This isn’t a book, and no need to treat as one. This is a vn. This has voice acting. While we may not know Japanese we all have working ears. We can still get these things from the way they talk to tones of their voices, even newest of us to medium. What I am trying to say is, don’t try too hard and sacrifice accuracy of translation for sake of these things.

    P.S.: Are you gonna translate mini fandisk as well?


    1. I totally see what you mean and thanks for the comment. It’s probably just feels weird to myself since all the characters, especially Kiyoshirou, sounds like how I speak to myself or to others. We all have a different way of speaking through word choices and tones, hence my English (a mixture of American and UK English) might not be as consistent as I want it to be. It doesn’t matter as much here as it is just practice for me, but for the future as I transit into working professionally, those are some considerations that I have to make.

      I’m currently in my last year of University and I’m not sure yet if I will continue this after I graduate. If I do finish this game before early next year, then I’ll consider the fandisk if think the story is worth a read.


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