Houkago Cinderella – Tsukushi Route

Happy Sunday.

Tsukushima Tsukushi

VNDB: Houkago Cinderella

It’s been 5 months since Tanomi’s patch was released and I’m happy to announce that we are finished with Tsukushi’s route. In addition to the scripts, we have made progress with image editing and all major interfaces have also been edited and translated. However, there are still a lot of minor buttons and explanations that are not translated as it is not within the scope of the current state of the translation.

Having taken a university class in subtitling this winter, I have found it to be very helpful in helping me keep a single standard by following the Netflix Style Guide with regard to formatting. Studying subtitles and subtitling has allowed my writing to be a lot more concise since I had to fit all text in accordance with the 20 characters per second limit rule. Now, my next goal is to get more comfortable with breaking away from the source language’s sentence structure seeing as some do not translate well into English.

While translating the normal scenes has become second nature, the H-scenes are still an uphill battle for me. Especially since Tsukushi’s route’s H-scenes have some very questionable content as the things that happen during the scenes sound very impossible for a guy to do. That fact only served to confuse me more as to whether I was translating it right or not. In the end, after consulting with a Japanese friend, we concluded that the writing is just weird compared to the other character’s H-scenes. In my opinion, the scenarios read like it was taken out of a hentai rather than something written for a visual novel.

What’s next

I have also picked up a side project and will be the TLC of a separate visual novel. More details will follow once a patch is ready to be released.

4 thoughts on “Houkago Cinderella – Tsukushi Route

  1. thank you for your hard work, i been waiting for Tsukushi’s route, she’s one of my favorite girl in the game


  2. Great work. I like your translation choices a lot, choosing to retain the original words and putting the English equivalent in parentheses to preserve the wordplays.

    I found an issue in your latest patch. In Tanomi’s route, following your google doc guide, the afterschool minigame(?) in Day 8 and Day 9 are not translated. It’s just a small portion and it can be skipped but I thought I’d let you know.


    1. Appreciate it. I assume you’re talking about the “nariyuki” joke. I actually came up with an elaborate localization for that scene which involved changing the joke but keeping the wordplay by mentioning a song name of a UK band. Thankfully my editor rejected that as being overly complicated and unnecessary.

      Regarding the day 8 and 9 issue, could you send me a DM on Discord with a screenshot? That way I can search it up in the raw files. Thanks. PoisonPyte#1449


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