Progress Update #2 + New Project – Koiyasumi

Happy 2023.

We reached our first significant milestone at the start of 2023.
The main project is now 25% translated as of writing this.

You can check for regular updates here.

Despite the trouble we faced back in September, I can safely say that the best thing we got out of 2022 is Barry Bee from Daybreak Translations agreeing to work with me as an unofficial TLC/TL mentor. Since I don’t really interact with many people from the community, every challenge I encountered was singlehandedly dealt with by me alone (with some help from generous members of our Discord server who know how programming works). There’s only so much that one person can do and learn through trial and error. It’s like, you can hack away at golf, and sure you might get better if you keep at it for long enough, but that’s not very efficient. Now with Bee around to answer my questions and guide me, I feel like my translation skills have improved over the past month and a half more than they ever did over the past year when I was basically soloing Houkago Cinderella. I still have a bit to go before I can say that I’m professional material, but I’m getting there slowly and steadily.

As for news on the side project, well, there’s none. The translator is very busy now that he’s started his new job and doesn’t have as much time to spare to translate visual novels anymore. He still wants to work on it and is in fact chipping away at the lines albeit at a much slower pace than before. I wish him the best of luck and if he decides to drop it, I’ll reveal what the title is in hopes that I can find a new translator to work with.

Anyways, on to the second part of today’s announcement. I have started a new side project while taking a short break from the main project to focus on IRL commitments and for Bee to catch up with TLC.

Koiyasumi ~Yuudachi ni Nureta Osananajimi~


The protagonist, Izumo Hiroki, is a university student who is tired of living in the city. He returns home to the countryside during the summer holidays. His parents have left the countryside and only his grandmother remains at home.

Incidentally, Hiroki’s presence always seems to bring rain. Today, too, the skies were overcast from the moment he got off the train. He headed for his parents’ house as fast as he could and barely evaded the evening showers. When he returned home, he met his soaking wet childhood friend, Inaba Usaki.

“Welcome home, Hiroki! We’ll be seeing each other again from today onwards!”

For one summer, the two are under one roof.

The companionship of a bright and lively childhood friend inspires affection in Hiroki’s heart. And the fondness turns into love…
(From VNDB)

Note: Translations are not final and have not been edited.

It’s a short 2-3 hours long VN which shouldn’t take too long to translate since it’s also pretty straightforward in terms of story writing. I may or may not translate the sequel Koiyasumi ~Kanojo no Hada ni Tokeru Konayuki~. That’ll depend on whether I like the first game enough to want to continue.

As usual, we are still recruiting

No experience is required, only motivation. There is a small test so I can gauge your abilities (TLCing no more than 300 lines from another game). If you are worried that the new game isn’t for you, we can have a chat and I’ll describe the themes of the story and you can use that as a deciding factor. However, I cannot reveal the title unless you pass the test.

TLC – Fluent English & Japanese speaker, don’t need to be native in either.

Please DM me on Discord if you’re interested in being a part of our team. (PoisonPyte#1449)


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