A fan translation group dedicated to translating visual novels.

Current Members

Translator – PoisonPyte (PoisonPyte#1449) – A university student finishing up a masters in Japanese translation who decided to translate a moege as part of his daily practice.

Artist – NotAWeeb (NotAWeeb#4370) – Friend of PoisonPyte who shares a burning passion for moege.

Editor – MentalDown1396 – An editor IRL who previously worked on Houkago Cinderella.


Sub-editor/QC – Native/near-native English speaker. Japanese knowledge is not required. Mostly checking the main editor’s work for typos and grammar mistakes.

TLC – Fluent English & Japanese speaker, don’t need to be native in either.

If you think you can fill any of these roles, please send me a message on Discord (PoisonPyte#1449) or refer to our Discord server if you are interested in joining the team.