• Progress Update #1

    Happy Tuesday.

    It’s been exactly 2 months since work started on our next VN and I’d say I’m doing good. 13.6% of the game has been translated and 80% of the UI edited. The speed at which I’m able to translate has increased by 1.5 times compared to when I started on Houkago last year, although I think the fact that the scenes in the new game are much longer contributes to it. I have to admit that I miss the writing and gameplay of HC as it was a lot more casual in tone, however, it is a nice change of pace to work on more story-connected scenes going on for 500-800 lines as opposed to one-off 200-line scenes.

    Anyways, on to the main topic, we’re looking for more people to join the team. At this current stage, more help from a Sub-editor/QC would be much appreciated. Finding a TLCer is less of a priority, but we’re always open if anyone has the time and knowledge to assist me in making translation choices.

    No experience is required, only motivation. There is a small test so I can gauge your abilities (editing no more than 300 lines on another game). If you are worried that the new game isn’t for you, we can have a chat and I’ll describe the themes of the story and you can use that as a deciding factor. However, I cannot reveal the title unless you pass the test.

    Sub-editor/QC – Native/near-native English speaker. Japanese knowledge is not required. Mostly checking the main editor’s work for typos and grammar mistakes.
    TLC – Fluent English & Japanese speaker, don’t need to be native in either.

    Please DM me on Discord if you’re interested in being a part of our team. (PoisonPyte#1449)

  • New Translation Project

    We have selected our next visual novel and translation of the game has begun. You can follow the progress of our projects through the progress tracker. We hope you look forward to another fantastic visual novel.

    The AfterschoolTL Team

  • Houkago Cinderella’s translation has been discontinued

    We are unfortunate to announce that the Houkago Cinderella unofficial translation project has received a takedown notice from a HOOKSOFT representative. All work has stopped and all links have been removed from this website.

    You will hear from us again once we have a new project to announce. Thank you.

  • Houkago Cinderella – Tsukushi Route

    Happy Sunday.

    Tsukushima Tsukushi

    VNDB: Houkago Cinderella

    It’s been 5 months since Tanomi’s patch was released and I’m happy to announce that we are finished with Tsukushi’s route. In addition to the scripts, we have made progress with image editing and all major interfaces have also been edited and translated. However, there are still a lot of minor buttons and explanations that are not translated as it is not within the scope of the current state of the translation.

    Having taken a university class in subtitling this winter, I have found it to be very helpful in helping me keep a single standard by following the Netflix Style Guide with regard to formatting. Studying subtitles and subtitling has allowed my writing to be a lot more concise since I had to fit all text in accordance with the 20 characters per second limit rule. Now, my next goal is to get more comfortable with breaking away from the source language’s sentence structure seeing as some do not translate well into English.

    While translating the normal scenes has become second nature, the H-scenes are still an uphill battle for me. Especially since Tsukushi’s route’s H-scenes have some very questionable content as the things that happen during the scenes sound very impossible for a guy to do. That fact only served to confuse me more as to whether I was translating it right or not. In the end, after consulting with a Japanese friend, we concluded that the writing is just weird compared to the other character’s H-scenes. In my opinion, the scenarios read like it was taken out of a hentai rather than something written for a visual novel.

    What’s next

    I have also picked up a side project and will be the TLC of a separate visual novel. More details will follow once a patch is ready to be released.

  • Houkago Cinderella – Tanomi Route

    Happy (early) Easter.

    VNDB: Houkago Cinderella

    Hi internet, it’s been 4 months since I released Youka’s route and I am back with the next patch. Due to real life commitments (and the last H-scene taking 3 weeks to finish), this patch was delayed until today. But now it’s done so hurray! The next few paragraphs are mostly me reflecting on the process of translating this route. Nothing of importance is written here, I just wanted to document my journey.

    I thoroughly enjoyed translating Tayori Tanomi’s route as she is exactly the type of girl a lot of boys would love to have as a girlfriend. She’s quirky, innocent, and does what you’d expect a teenage boy would do for fun. It’s a lot different compared to Youka’s route as Tanomi LOVES puns and word play. They are fun to translate but only IF I could think of a good translation that fits her playfulness. When I couldn’t think of an appropriate translation, it bugged me for days-on-end as I really want everyone reading her route to understand how great the writing is.

    Even to this day, “e_tanomi_event02” still haunts me as it was the single most hardest file to translate (I still don’t know what “φ(phi)!?” is). The second most annoying thing to translate is Tanomi’s “おねがい”, or “favors/requests” that she asks from Kiyoshirou. I could not decide on one single translation of Onegai as, to me, request sounds unnatural, but favor is too one sided. I even used “plead” in one of the last files but that also felt off. Since I am aiming to become a professional translator, I really need to be careful about translating the same word a different way each time, especially when it’s crucial to the story.

    The last time I did creative writing was over 10 years ago in middle school and it shows in my translations. While I have learned a lot through translating Tanomi’s route, it has become apparent to me that I still cannot make each character sound different from each other. What I mean by this is every character sounds pretty much the same after I translate the game into English. Especially with heroines, I do not feel like I have fully captured how they speak in Japanese over to English. Most of my translations are correct and make sense, but the added flair found in translations by more experienced translators is still lacking. Sadly, there is no one to blame but myself seeing as I have read no more than 10 novels in my life.

    The most difficult part I found was narrations and tenses as I can never be sure if what I wrote can be fully understood by others. The H-Scenes are also still my worst nightmare. As someone who usually skips the H-scenes in eroge, I never imagined that it could be this hard to write erotica. I also have the tendency to use too many words in a sentence which becomes an issue as the game does not support more than 100-ish letters in the text box before overflowing. I started noticing this while watching the winter 2022 anime as the translations I think of in my brain are significantly more wordy than those in the subtitles. For now, I think I’ll start by watching a few videos on creative writing and cutting down sentences before I start on the next route.

  • Houkago Cinderella – Prologue + Youka Route

    Happy New Year.

    VNDB: Houkago Cinderella

    I started this project as part of my daily translation practice while I’m doing my master’s in translation at University. It’s my pet project for when I don’t want to actually study for class but feel guilty for not doing so. I started this project on the 13th of July 2021 and it took about three months to translate up to where I am now (~10,000 lines of dialogue). It took a further month of slacking before I found the time to finally reread the game to do a rough edit/tlc for Youka’s route for it to be readable. Besides having my friend edit parts of the prologue, everything else was written by me. Prior to this project, I had no experience in translation so every dialogue was a lesson for me. I did notice that as I kept translating, the quality of my writing did gradually get better, at least that’s what I’d like to think. However, it is far from the professional level that I’m aiming for after my graduation at the end of 2022.

    At the current state, my translation does not do the game any justice. That’s partly because my translation is still lacking in fluidity (a lot of awkward phrases), but mainly because the way the game was designed to be played can’t be enjoyed with a partial translation. Houkago Cinderella is Rom-Com visual novel about going around town after school to discover interesting things or encounters. They can be anything from overhearing a conversation between random people on the street, and of course, the 5 girls in the game. You as the MC, are supposed to go around town and see all sorts of interesting scenes. As such, there are about 20 different scenes of about 100-200 lines each of listening to or interacting with strangers across town. This game focuses mainly on comedy with the MC acting as the comic relief. I’d say the game is similar to SMEE’s (HOOKSOFT’s parent company) FURERABA 〜Friend to Lover〜 in terms of gameplay and story writing. Not recommended for heavy drama lovers.