Houkago Cinderella’s translation has been discontinued

We are unfortunate to announce that the Houkago Cinderella unofficial translation project has received a takedown notice from a HOOKSOFT representative. All work has stopped and all links have been removed from this website.

You will hear from us again once we have a new project to announce. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “Houkago Cinderella’s translation has been discontinued

  1. Sad to hear that. It’s the company’s right to ask for this removal, but fans are left without translation options and fewer people can enjoy the visual novel


  2. That’s unfortunate, but thank you for the work you done, i’m wondering if maybe Nekonyan gonna translate this, they already did Hooksoft’s ixshe tell and Melty moment is on the works


  3. Hey there. I’m Bee, and I fan translate stuff too. I understand the pain of having your hard work being shut down by a cease and desist, and I am sorry for what happened to you.

    Don’t feel discouraged though. Those who work in visual novels tend to have this happen to them once or twice (had it happen to me twice by now). Don’t be discouraged, head up high since you did honest work, and move on to greener pastures.

    Here’s hoping the best for you and the team.


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    1. Thank you for the kind words. Honestly, I knew we’d get a takedown notice sooner or later so it’s not as much of a shock to me. We’re going to take a different approach on our next project which will hopefully lessen the risk of getting a C&D again.


  4. pretty sure its NekoNyan that told them to stop from what i am hearing. so maybe it will get a localization.
    Also going forward i think it will be wise for fanTLs to not pickup any VNs that are associated or belong to NekoNyans official Partners basically Yuzusoft, Hooksoft, AsaP, Saga Planets , Smee etc to name a few. Because you are more likely to geta takedown warning if you do.


    1. I translated the prologue as I needed to translate 20,000 words for a University assignment. I wasn’t intending to create a fantl out of it at first hence I just chose a VN I was interested in. From now on, we plan to stick to VNs from lesser known companies or outright not announce the project until it’s done.

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  5. It’s really sad 😦 Not only because we don’t get the translation but because hard work you put on gone to waste. If I were you I would be incredibly frustrated 😦

    Maybe approach of old translation group Denwatls (guys translated 11eyes) was
    the best. Even though they posted their progress for their translations we didn’t knew which vn that progress belongs to until a week or two before release.


    1. We did release partial patches so it wasn’t all for nothing. I am not allowed to post it here but you can find it online or you can ask around the VN forums for a copy.

      We are considering doing exactly what you said for our next VN. Especially since I only want to translate recent titles. From now on, there won’t be any announcements besides progress reports with a percentage on it. You’ll see it once it’s done.


  6. What a shame, I was really looking forward to the last two routes and the rest of the SoL fluff. I hope this doesn’t sway you away from picking something up again. Thanks for the partials and good luck in your future endeavors.


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